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A Book, A Piece of Art, and a Crazy Idea

For my reading for this class I read The History of Bees. Please see our groups prevention linked below:

From the conversations in the class this week and after hearing about everyones books here is an art piece that I made:

About My Art and My Crazy Idea:

For this week’s reflection I decided to make a art piece to summarize my big takeaways from this week. There are 3 main pieces in my work a clock, a depiction of the world, and a scribble. The clock represents how solving the problem of the collapse of bees is an urgent problem. This was a theme in many of the books and the class as a whole. We as a society are already at a breaking point with mass bee die off to the point where bees have to be shipped to pollinate crops. Squiggle represents two concepts. The first is the mass entanglement and complexity of the problem facing the bees. It can not go without recognition that this problem will not go away over night and there needs to be a multi prong solution. The second meaning behind the squiggle is that when a solution is reached the solution will cause problems for various other entities in the world and once a solution is reached we will have to dive right in to trying to remedy those. These problems are complex and nobody knows what they are hence the chaos of the squiggle. The graphical art piece works as a cycle and once the problem is identified there will be a limited time to solve it in the clock phase and the wicked problem cycle will begin a new. The super imposed world shows who we are fighting for. The fight is a selfish one and a global one. We need to do this for ourselves so our society can continue to grow and prosper and we need to do it for our planet so we can reverse some of the harm we have done to it. In creating this artwork something that stuck out to me is the importance of advocacy. This problem is not going to be solved by one persons crazy midnight fever dream turned invention. It is going to necessitate global cooperation and global brainstorming strategy. I think a great way to do this is through social media operating in a pyramid scheme type of way. While pyramid schemes are bad they are a great structure for social media sharing. If a post is shared asking people to repost and it shares methods people can do to save the bees. If just 6 people from each of those peoples posts does it, and then of those 6 people 6 more people do it we would reach the eye balls of every American in less then 10 levels. In less then 13 we could reach everyone world wide. Something of this scale would end up in the news, tv, and other outlets and soon everyone globally would be on the same page regardless of income or location.

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